PCB Lapel Pins From Vector Images In Diptrace

Unique Christmas gifts are the best and when I saw this post on hackaday about making lapel pins from PCB’s I knew exactly what my family was getting this year. The idea is simple; put some art on the front and a copper pad on the back for soldering a butterfly tie tack pin. In reality it was more work than I thought and took a handfull of software tools to get the art imported into Diptrace PCB design.


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qwertypi - a Handheld Raspberry Pi QWERTY Computer

When the first Raspberry Pi 1 Model B was released in 2012, I was fully immersed in the Zipit Z2 community and I had the idea to create my own handheld qwerty Linux computer with the Pi. Back then I didn’t really have the knowledge or skills to follow through with such a project and so it was pushed into the “some day” list. In late 2015, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the tiny Pi Zero and subsequent Pi Zero W which sparked my interest in building a handheld again. Over that past few months I’ve been working on the first revision of my “qwertypi” handheld computer based on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The project (more of an experiment) is well under way and I’m already working on a revision 2 pcb to fix my mistakes and change some things around.


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Atari 400 8-Bit SIO2Zipit

Back in the 80’s, my first computer was an Atari 8 Bit. I used it a lot until we got our Austin Computer Systems 386 PC. The Atari taught me a little BASIC and a lot of game play. I still have our original Atari 400 which I pull out on occasion to play some cartridge games but I don’t have a very large collection of them. A couple friends last year started a retro gaming event at a local pizza/pub, Peoria Pizza Works, which I also took part in. The Atari 400 was a nice addition to the lineup of vintage systems and the only Atari 8 Bit Home Computer. This year I wanted to have more games available so I did some research and got a Zipit Z2 to emulate a floppy drive over the Atari SIO bus.


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Zipit Z2 Breakout v2 (mini)

It’s been a year and a half since I came out with the first Z2 Breakout Board. They’ve all found new homes and hopefully some neat projects. I’ve considered making a new board since they all sold out but there isn’t really a Zipit market anymore. I think the buzz may have finally wore off although you can still find Zipits on eBay occasionally and hinv still has some for sale. Finally, I found the time to make a new board that is smaller and a better fit for the Zipit. The new board measures 75.11mm x 16.69mm which makes it sit much closer to the Zipit but extends further from side to side. There is a USB Host port (w/5V boost regulator), MicroUSB device port (charging input), 1.27mm breakout header for all 36 pins and special snap off sub-boards (if desired).


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Boot the Zipit Z2 from a USB drive

In June, I posted about the “bleeding edge” version of openwrt-zipit and a new u-boot. There was just a brief mention that USB host support was built into it and I never got around to testing it until yesterday. It is pretty easy to setup and requires a USB host cable or my breakout board. The following should get you going.


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tags: zipit, openwrt, u-boot

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