Atari 400 8-Bit SIO2Zipit

Back in the 80’s, my first computer was an Atari 8 Bit. I used it a lot until we got our Austin Computer Systems 386 PC. The Atari taught me a little BASIC and a lot of game play. I still have our original Atari 400 which I pull out on occasion to play some cartridge games but I don’t have a very large collection of them. A couple friends last year started a retro gaming event at a local pizza/pub, Peoria Pizza Works, which I also took part in. The Atari 400 was a nice addition to the lineup of vintage systems and the only Atari 8 Bit Home Computer. This year I wanted to have more games available so I did some research and got a Zipit Z2 to emulate a floppy drive over the Atari SIO bus.


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Zipit Z2 Breakout v2 (mini)

It’s been a year and a half since I came out with the first Z2 Breakout Board. They’ve all found new homes and hopefully some neat projects. I’ve considered making a new board since they all sold out but there isn’t really a Zipit market anymore. I think the buzz may have finally wore off although you can still find Zipits on eBay occasionally and hinv still has some for sale. Finally, I found the time to make a new board that is smaller and a better fit for the Zipit. The new board measures 75.11mm x 16.69mm which makes it sit much closer to the Zipit but extends further from side to side. There is a USB Host port (w/5V boost regulator), MicroUSB device port (charging input), 1.27mm breakout header for all 36 pins and special snap off sub-boards (if desired).


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Boot the Zipit Z2 from a USB drive

In June, I posted about the “bleeding edge” version of openwrt-zipit and a new u-boot. There was just a brief mention that USB host support was built into it and I never got around to testing it until yesterday. It is pretty easy to setup and requires a USB host cable or my breakout board. The following should get you going.


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iPhone Battery Charger / Tester Breakout and HDQ Gas Gauge Stats

Troubleshooting iPhone problems can be a daunting task sometimes considering how complicated they are. It’s easy to overlook the simple things and on occasion you may replace parts that don’t need replacing. Batteries are no exception. I have seen technicians often replace batteries when they may not necessarily need to be or ignore the fact that they could be the cause of the issue at hand. To remedy this I designed a basic iPhone battery charging breakout board system. The system can charge a battery, has the option for expansion to support newer/other batteries and breaks out the battery status pins which can be read from a microcontroller or some other means. It consists of 6 battery connector boards (iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S/C, 6, 6+) and a main charging board.


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Expanded Zipit Bottom Case: my first 3D printing adventure

3D printers have been around for quite a while now. When I first read about them I had a million ideas for things I could make. Unfortunately the introductory cost and learning curve were too much to bear. My 3D buzz wore off and the world continued on perfecting the new technology. It’s 2016 now and after seeing this article on Hackaday about a low cost, decent quality beginner 3D printer, I decided it’s about time I do something with 3D printing. That brings us to the Zipit. The original batteries for it are not available and finding a suitable replacement is not easy either. Let’s make a replacement bottom case for the Zipit with more room for a bigger battery.


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