Gameboy Emulation on OpenWrt-Zipit

I felt like re-living old times by playing some Gameboy roms on the Zipit so I compiled the ohboy emulator with OpenWrt buildroot. Ohboy is actually a frontend for the Gameboy emulator gnuboy, but it combines the two into one binary. The menu system is a very nice addition to the SDL based emulator and runs well on the Zipit.

I created an OpenWrt package of ohboy that should run on any of the current builds floating around. I’m running slug’s in-flash gmenu2x build on my main Zipit right now with my overlayfs scripts that puts packages on the SD card. If you are running the overlayfs scripts you can download and install the package with:

wget ovpkg install ./ohboy_1-1_pxa.ipk

or install as a regular opkg with

wget opkg install ./ohboy_1-1_pxa.ipk

EDIT: You can install the package through the repository by running opkg install ohboy. My modified ohboy source code is available on github at and the OpenWrt makefiles are also on github in the OpenWrt feed for Zipit specific packages at

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