New z2uflasher and Flashstock combined

It’s time again for a new flash script. slug_ has been busy pumping out the releases of gmenu-jffs2 so I figured I’d make something a little easier to update. The new z2uflasher/Flashstock combo runs entirely from a fat formatted sd card. It will ONLY work on a stock zipit or one with u-boot already installed (sorry “OpenZipit” / 2.6.29 users). Flashstock is pretty much the same, the special goo is in the new z2uflasher which runs via initramfs inside the 2.6.29 kernel (for maximum sd card compatibility). For those who don’t care about the nitty gritty and just want the goods can skip down to the bottom.

The flash scripts are stored on the card in /sbin and the goodies are stored in /u-boot. The first goodie, flash.def, contains the flash partition layout with a line for each partition specifying the filename to be flashed, the offset (where that file begins in flash) and the md5sum of the file. Currently our Zipit flash layout is:

mtdblock0=u-boot mtdblock1=u-boot Environment mtdblock2=Kernel mtdblock3=Filesystem mtdblock4=u-boot splash

Based on this layout if we only update the kernel and filesystem then you can edit flash.def and change the mtdblock 2 / 3 lines appropriately (filename and md5sum, offset stays the same). The new script will check the md5sum of mtdblocks 0 and 1 versus the u-boot and env files on the sd card. If u-boot and env are the same it skips them, if different it asks if you want to flash them. This makes flashing a new rootfs a little safer.

The remaining goodies are the rootfs.ver file in /u-boot which contains the name and version of the rootfs that’s being flashed. There’s also a change.log file that can be viewed before flashing (the script asks) that will hopefully contain some useful info.

To use the new z2uflasher/Flashstock combo all you need to do is extract the zip file to a fat formatted SD card, insert it into your Zipit and power it on.

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