z2uFlashstock v0.3

It’s that time of year again for an upgraded flash script. This latest version is the easiest yet and again will flash from stock to u-boot and back. As usual, the goods are at the bottom of this post. I’ve added some fancy new features like progress bars.

Edit: To use the flash script, extract the contents of the zip file to a FAT formatted SD card, put it in a stock or ubooted zipit and power on. The zipit should boot to the menu, if it does not you did something wrong (try again) or the zipit does not like your SD card (try a different card).

Edit 2: Thanks to Benedikt for finding a bug in my script. The bug has been fixed (I forgot to add a return statement in the script) and a new zip file is below. The old files have been removed.

There’s a not so fancy new menu with the following options:

Backup: This will create a backup of whatever currently resides in the Zipit’s flash memory. The mtdblocks, md5sums and offsets are saved to the flashdump directory on the sd card with the name you choose. The install does NOT ask you to create a backup so you should do this first.

Install: You are prompted with a list of names from the flashdump folder on the sd card. This release comes prepackaged with slug’s openwrt-gmenu-jffs rc23 (u-boot bootloader) and deeice’s iz2jffs v5.11 (stock bootloader/kernel, also I added nano binary). The script checks the current bootloader and if it’s the same as what you are going to flash then it’s skipped (less likely to have a bricked device). So, if you have a stock Zipit and choose to install iz2jffs, the bootloader doesn’t need to be flashed and is skipped. But, if you have a u-booted openwrt-gmenu-jffs Zipit and choose to install iz2jffs then the bootloader needs to be installed and the script will inform you of this.

Help: Some basic help info

Exit to shell: Quits the script and gives you a prompt

Poweroff: Shuts off the Zipit

If you want to create your own release or just have some custom setup installs, this script should help out. Once you have your flash system setup the way you like it, boot from the z2uFlashstock sd card and create a backup. Name it something you’ll remember. You can even put a change.log file in the folder with your backup that contains any specific info about your backup (displayed during the install process). If you would like me to add a new rootfs to the flash script, let me know in #zipit on irc freenode.

z2uFlashstock-v0.3_jffs_20140209.zip - [iz2jffs v5.10 & openwrt-gmenu-jffs rc23] (md5sum 3836650bb8e4a9957373dbf86fec2f94)

z2uFlashstock-v0.3_jffs_20140213.zip - [iz2jffs v5.11 & openwrt-gmenu-jffs rc23] (md5sum c44bc05a1f20851e244b408ff1a56c9e)

z2uFlashstock-v0.3.1_jffs_20140607.zip - [iz2jffs v5.10 & openwrt-gmenu-jffs rc23] (md5sum c9fac47dffc3c5b811c739ffa1c43b4c)

z2uFlashstock-v0.3.1_jffs_20161209.zip - [iz2jffs v5.10 & openwrt-gmenu-jffs rc23 & bleeding edge openwrt] (md5sum 22343698ebf3678e4da7154d88a5d3a2)

z2uFlashstock-v0.3.1_jffs_20170609.zip - [iz2jffs v5.10 & openwrt-gmenu-jffs rc23 & bleeding edge openwrt] (md5sum 823e85776cc890227e9cc8c15670afd6)

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