Zippity Beeps and some other bits

A few years ago I looked around for a way to have the Zipit play console beeps and found some ways but could never get them working. The other day someone in #zipit reminded me about those beeps so I looked again and found the Fancy Beeper Daemon. It was made for the 2.6 series Linux kernel so it took some changes to get it to work (my modified sources are here). The kernel module works by creating /dev/beep which is updated whenever there is a console bell notification. This requires a daemon to watch /dev/beep and do something when there’s a notification so I created a polling daemon in C called beepcmd. I also made an init script for openwrt to load the module and the daemon at startup. You can get the modules (3.2 for slug’s openwrt and 3.17 for this kernel), beepcmd daemon and init script here.

I’ve also tweaked slug’s openwrt-gmenu jffs rc23 a bit with some scripts tailored to my breakout board. The beep code above is included. There’s a new init script, z2-gpio, that sets up the breakout board gpios. You can edit this to your liking. Two scripts, regtog and usbtog, toggle the breakout board regulator on/off and USB Host/OTG mode. The suspend script now disables the regulator when entering suspend and reenables on wakeup. StreamRipper is removed. A timezone set script, tzset, has been added. The opkg repo URL to my site is fixed. Lastly, I modified the boot logo. - (md5sum d78f328ad50f17db13e5d2538ce6de4a) [iz2jffs v5.11, openwrt-gmenu-rc23, openwrt-gmenu-breakout]

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