Updated Software for the Zipit Z2

Back in February anarsoul ported Linux 4.4 for the Zipit Z2 which added device tree support and some other bits. Around the same time I started working on getting OpenWrt trunk to build for the Zipit. In January, OpenWrt decided to remove pxa support because of a lack of maintenance. The OpenWrt build system allows for installing feeds so I created a new pxa target feed that can be built with openwrt trunk. In addition to the new kernel and new OpenWrt, we also have an updated u-boot with some fancy new features.


Posted by mozzwald on Mon, 6 Jun 2016    |    3 comments
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Using a Raspberry Pi as a JTAG Debugger to Recover a Bricked Zipit

I got my mitts on a Raspberry Pi Zero just after Christmas in a trade agreement (thanks slug). It’s been sitting here staring me in the face waiting for a job to do. About the same time the zero came, deeice was plotting to try out a modified u-boot on the zipit that squeezes a little more space out of the internal flash. Unfortunately, we haven’t got it working as intended yet. In the process deeice managed to brick one zipit by mistake and I bricked one after compiling some probably incomplete source code. Someone posted a link about using the Raspberry Pi as a JTAG debugger and since deeice got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas I figured this is a good chance to force him into getting a soldering iron and using it. :-D


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TGIMBOEJ: Blast From the Past

Way back when, I read about and signed up to receive TGIMBOEJ (The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk). In 2010 I was contacted by someone who was supposed to send me a box. The box never came and according to the tracking page it seems to have never left it’s last destination. Presumed lost forever. Now it’s 2016 and I get an email from Dave at asking if I’d like to receive TGIMBOEJ. Of course I would!


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iminixie Arduino Clock (imitation nixie)

This is a joint project I did with my wife. We got to talking one day and thought it would be neat to make our own nixie clock. Nixie tubes look awesome, but we didn’t want to spend a buttload of money to buy all the tubes and circuitry required to run them. Instead we decided on making something that had the look of a nixie clock but with cheaper parts, most of which I had on hand already. My job was to get the code and electronics working while she did all the decorating. I’ll be talking only about the electronics and software.


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3G Cellular Zipit Z2

I’ve had this crazy idea for a while to build my own cellphone. While Android phones are ok and have most of the applications I need, I think it would be neat to have a more pure Linux/GNU based distro running on a cellphone. It would be more of a proof-of-concept slash “just because I can” type of device than a real phone. I figured I could get this working on the Zipit. Back in April while looking around for cellular modules I found that Huawei brand USB dongles are common and supported in Linux. Some of them even support voice calls. I found a dongle on Ali Express for a measly $11USD with free shipping and promptly ordered it.


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