Give Thanks for Zipit Breakout Boards

While most Americans were probably eating turkey and watching football today, I was eating sushi and finishing up the layout on a Zipit breakout board. It’s been a long time coming. Hopefully it’ll be here before Christmas.


Posted by mozzwald on Thu, 27 Nov 2014    |    6 comments
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DIY Board Holders for SMT Rework

There are lots of tool choices in the SMT Rework field but many are expensive. Over the past few years there has been an increase in the amount of tools available particularly from low cost Chinese manufacturers (Hakko, Aoyue, Tenma, etc). Most of the equipment I use is from these low cost manufacturers since I simply cannot afford to spend $1000+ for a single specialized piece of hardware. The only expensive piece of equipment I have is my JBC Hot Air Pencil that was purchased from a former employer and I couldn’t pass up the deal. One area I see lacking is board holders. There are plenty of systems out there for holding boards but the cheap ones are … cheap. The expensive ones I’ve seen are complicated or just cost too much. The best holders I’ve used are made by Martin SMT. They’re simply a magnet base with a spring loaded clamp that holds the board. But they unfortunately cost $70 each. You really need 3 at a minimum and 4 is good for the bigger boards which will run you $280, ouch. So, I set out to make my own.

Update Aug 2, 2016: Finally, there is a well engineered, moderately priced magnetic board holder available called PCBite in a set of 4 with steel plate. Mine have been doing me well for more than a year, but it might be time for an upgrade.


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z2uFlasher rootfs for 2.6.29 / OpenZipit

For those zipits stuck on the 2.6.29 kernel with the OpenZipit logo, your way to u-boot just got easier. It’s been too long without this but better late than never, right? This rootfs is just like z2uFlashstock but will boot on the 2.6.29 kernel zipit and isn’t huge like z2sid.


Posted by mozzwald on Tue, 28 Oct 2014    |    2 comments

Getting root Access from Android Stock Recovery

This week a customer brought me a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Stellar (SCH-I200) that was freezing at the boot logo. They didn’t care about the phone itself working as they planned to turn it in under insurance. What they did want was their photos recovered from the internal storage. There are a few ways to tackle this and I managed to find a way I haven’t seen documented elsewhere.


Posted by mozzwald on Thu, 18 Sep 2014    |    0 comments
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VoCore Time-Lapse Photography

I’ve had my VoCore for around a month now and have been fiddling with them a bit. So far I’ve compiled my own rootfs (source now available in OpenWrt trunk), installed mjpeg-streamer, soldered some resistor legs to the VoCore for easier breadboarding, put a heatsink on the RT5350, setup a breadboard circuit with USB port and Logitech C250 webcam, and connected a SparkFun Power Cell for system load and charging a 12.6Wh LiPo cell pulled from an iPad 1st gen.


Posted by mozzwald on Tue, 12 Aug 2014    |    3 comments
tags: linux, openwrt, vocore

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