My Great Microphone Fiasco

It’s a common occurance that the microphone will go bad on a cell phone after being subjected to liquid damage. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is no exception so I try to keep some on hand for when they’re needed. I’ve been buying them on ebay usually in lots of 5. Recently, I purchased a 10 lot at a good price but upon arrival I noticed the hole for audio input was different. The mic on the left in the picture above is an OEM Galaxy S3 and the right is the replacement I received.


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Life changes bring Website changes

Time’s are a changin’. Life has been so busy lately it’s surprising I’ve had time to redo the site. It’s amazing what you can’t find time for when you’re self-employed. Last September I was laid off from my regular job and decided to go on my own. Electronics are everywhere and everyone breaks them, someone needs to fix them. That’s what I’ve been doing for other companies for years, now I am my own company.


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z2uFlashstock v0.3

It’s that time of year again for an upgraded flash script. This latest version is the easiest yet and again will flash from stock to u-boot and back. As usual, the goods are at the bottom of this post. I’ve added some fancy new features like progress bars.


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New z2uflasher and Flashstock combined

It’s time again for a new flash script. slug_ has been busy pumping out the releases of gmenu-jffs2 so I figured I’d make something a little easier to update. The new z2uflasher/Flashstock combo runs entirely from a fat formatted sd card. It will ONLY work on a stock zipit or one with u-boot already installed (sorry “OpenZipit” / 2.6.29 users). Flashstock is pretty much the same, the special goo is in the new z2uflasher which runs via initramfs inside the 2.6.29 kernel (for maximum sd card compatibility).


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Linux 3.6.0 Kernel for OpenWrt (with zram!)

The Linux Kernel has a new feature called zram that allows RAM to be compressed. This could help out on the Zipit since it only has 32M. Back in September Wejp built a kernel with zram and a new Arch rootfs. I figured I’d try to get it going on OpenWrt and have succeed. I used anarsoul’s 3.6 tree but also had to add a patch that allows LZMA compression on JFFS2 filesystems so it can be used with slug’s in flash rootfs. This is a rough guide on how to get it working.


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