OpenWrt RecoveryOS Tweak - overlayfs

Update: It’s come to my attention that Windows will not see a Fat partition on a card if the first partition is ext2. I have changed the instructions below to so that the fat partition is first on the card, thus allowing you to use it with Windows.

I've been playing around with the OpenWrt RecoveryOS a bit recently. I like it because it's small, fast and there's a good amount of packages available in Projectgus' repo. The problem with all these awesome packages and the RecoveryOS, though, is that there's not much space left in the Zipit's internal flash to store these goodies. 


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Zipit Soft Keypad Mod

The Zipit keypad has a distinct click to it when pressing a key. This is fine most of the time, but when one wants to be quiet it can be a problem. I’ve been told numerous times to “shut that thing up” when my wife is trying to sleep so I needed to find a way to quiet the keys. I found that the Nintendo DS and DSi have similar keypad buttons to the Zipit, but are softer (presumably because it’s a gaming device). They are almost the same size only slightly larger. The D-Pad on the Zipit has smaller dots that are similar in size to the DS/DSi Start/Select/Power buttons. Thankfully there’s enough copper pad left on the Zipit that the DS button dots will still make contact.


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