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[08:09] <suspants> I'm interested CRImier, sorry work got a little busy yesterday
[08:11] <CRImier> suspants, accept the file =)
[08:12] <suspants> I'm tryin
[08:12] <CRImier> oh
[08:12] <CRImier> hexchat?
[08:12] <suspants> yea
[08:13] <suspants> It says the status is 'connect'
[08:13] <CRImier> okay, maybe fixed
[08:14] <CRImier> you here?
[08:15] <suspants> yeah, it's still being weird. Let me do some googling real quick
[08:15] <CRImier> I loaded the DCC module
[08:15] <CRImier> one more time and I'll just pastebin it =)
[08:15] <suspants> Okay :)
[08:16] <suspants> Still not working :( sorry
[08:16] <CRImier> okay then =D
[08:16] <CRImier> weird, we're on the same server
[08:16] <suspants> Yeah, it says I've accepted for me but it just seems that it doesn't want to connect
[10:29] <vlladdrakk[m]> I just started playing around with ZPUI using the emulator, is this a good place to ask questions about it?
[10:35] <derivmug[m]> Yes =)
[10:40] <CRImier> vlladdrakk - sure, feel free =)
[10:58] <vlladdrakk[m]> Great, thanks! I was trying to use the numpad char input, but I cannot figure out which keys on my keyboard map to the * and # on the keypad.
[11:14] <suspants> I don't have a number pad but it seems to me that they're not currently mapped
[11:14] <suspants> It's very possible I have no clue what I'm talking about as well so...
[11:26] <CRImier> vlladrakk: hmm, I don't know the answer, actually =) Let me check...
[11:26] <CRImier> also, are you using NumpadCharInput or UniversalInput? Either way, it's very possible the right keys are not mapped through
[11:29] <CRImier> ohh
[11:29] <CRImier> 'KEY_KP_DIVIDE':'KEY_HASH',
[11:30] <CRImier> so, numpad * is * and numpad / is #
[11:30] <CRImier> do you have a numpad?
[11:32] <CRImier> you might be able to override the mapping in input/drivers/pygame_input.py (that is, assuming you're using an emulator)
[12:12] <vlladdrakk[m]> I don't have an actual numpad on my keyboard (I am on a laptop). I am using NumpadCharInput. So I could map * and # to, for example, the s and h keys on my keyboard?
[12:13] <CRImier> sure thing
[12:13] <CRImier> KEY_S and KEY_H
[12:15] <vlladdrakk[m]> Excellent, thanks!
[12:42] <derivmug[m]> crimier should I also create a TimePicker? Because one can only choose a date using the DatePicker
[12:42] <CRImier> derivmug: that could be useful, I think
[12:42] <CRImier> so if you're interested, go for it!
[12:43] <derivmug[m]> sure thing =)
[12:43] <derivmug[m]> But first I'll write some tests
[12:43] <CRImier> thank you! =)
[13:01] <derivmug[m]> which command was it again to run the tests?
[13:02] <CRImier> from ZPUI/ folder: ./test.sh
[13:02] <CRImier> from ui/tests/ folder (to quicker run individual tests): python test_whatever.py
[13:04] derivmug[m] uploaded an image: image.png (14KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/RaPptAyXnlTodZYHAOEOLRGM >
[13:05] <derivmug[m]> There is something wrong with the output device (get_mock_output) I assume?
[13:05] <CRImier> OHH
[13:05] <CRImier> *ohh
[13:05] <CRImier> get the get_mock_input() from test_canvas.py
[13:05] <CRImier> oh wait not input
[13:05] <CRImier> get_mock_output()
[13:09] <derivmug[m]> Ok, DatePicker returns something when deactivating it
[13:15] <CRImier> yay!
[13:15] <derivmug[m]> Should it be like that? Shouldn't it return None when pressing 'LEFT'?
[13:16] <CRImier> Can you figure out a user-friendly way to do that?
[13:17] <CRImier> I'll thnk about it now, too
[13:19] <derivmug[m]> Ok, it now returns None when exiting via 'LEFT'
[13:20] <derivmug[m]> Or rather when deactiating it, Left is used for the navigation
[13:20] <CRImier> but how did you combine deactivation and navigation?
[13:21] <derivmug[m]> nvm that, LEFT doesn't deactivate it
[13:21] <CRImier> I'm wondering about this too
[13:21] <suspants> I was going to ask if there was a listener set but I guess not
[13:21] <CRImier> he's basing off BaseUIElement, so there is a listener
[13:22] <Not-5695>
[13:22] <Not-5695> [ZeroPhone/ZPUI] derivmug fdc525e - Add basic tests
[13:22] <derivmug[m]> Right now LEFT is only used for navigation and there isn't actually a key to exit
[13:22] <derivmug[m]> You can have a look at the code
[13:22] <derivmug[m]> I'll be back in 30min
[13:22] <CRImier> How about KEY_F1 for now?
[13:22] <CRImier> sure
[13:22] <derivmug[m]> ok
[13:29] <CRImier> https://cdn.hackaday.io/images//5351971539282513207.png
[13:29] <CRImier> yay!
[13:29] <suspants> Nice!
[13:30] <suspants> I was kind of curious why you were up till ~2am from my timezone XD
[13:31] <CRImier> I'm from Latvia =)
[13:37] <CRImier> shit, so much to manage till then
[13:38] <CRImier> need to prepare for the talk I'll be giving
[13:38] <CRImier> prepare some ZeroPhones
[13:38] <suspants> You're giving a talk!? Where at?
[13:38] <CRImier> Hackaday Supercon
[13:39] <CRImier> on making your own portable Linux devices
[13:39] <suspants> Damn it's in LA. Wish I could go
[13:39] <suspants> Well I'm sure there will be a video on YouTube
[13:40] <CRImier> yeah, that's for sure
[13:40] <suspants> That's super exciting though!
[13:42] <CRImier> okay seriously?
[13:42] <CRImier> the cheapest flight goes through Russia =D
[13:43] <suspants> Is that good or bad? I don't travel
[13:44] <CRImier> was afraid I'd need to apply for Russian visa
[13:44] <CRImier> as in, yet another thing I'd need to do
[13:44] <suspants> Ah, that sounds like a lot of work.
[13:48] <CRImier> yeah, quite happy I didn't need to go apply for yet another thing
[14:09] <CRImier> aaaa
[14:09] <CRImier> 9700km flights
[14:09] <CRImier> that's going to be a first
[14:09] <CRImier> for me
[14:09] <suspants> That's quite the trip
[14:10] <suspants> At least you'll have some time to enjoy the in-flight peanuts
[14:10] <CRImier> yyeeeah
[14:10] <CRImier> it's Aeroflot
[14:11] <CRImier> they're not known for good food =D
[14:15] <suspants> Maybe there will be some in-flight entertainment :)
[14:15] <CRImier> give me wall sockets, I'll get my own entertainment =D
[14:16] <CRImier> won't happen though, I'm afraid
[14:16] <CRImier> will need to take some kind of smartphone with me, I guess
[14:17] <CRImier> I have this feeling that ZeroPhone won't quite work for in-cabin entertainment as-is =D
[14:19] <suspants> I'd be surprised if they let you take it on the plane, aren't there laws against the LiPo's flying?
[14:19] <CRImier> You can actually bring LiPos with you in cabin
[14:20] <CRImier> but not in checked-in luggage
[14:21] <suspants>
[14:21] <CRImier> well, can't ban smartphones, tablets and laptops
[14:22] <suspants> True stuff
[14:48] <Not-5695>
[14:48] <Not-5695> [ZeroPhone/ZPUI] derivmug 9d6586e - Exit on F1
[14:48] <Not-5695> [ZeroPhone/ZPUI] derivmug 381d4e2 - Fix bug where you couldn't select top row cells
[17:33] <CRImier> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/albertgajsak/makerphone-an-educational-diy-mobile-phone

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