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[17:43] <derivmug[m]> Do you already have a plan for the next newsletter?
[17:43] <CRImier> writing it
[17:43] <CRImier> hope to send it monday/tuesday
[17:43] <CRImier> suggestions?
[17:43] <derivmug[m]> Ok, nice
[17:44] <derivmug[m]> matrix app with encryption in the works
[17:44] <CRImier> yay!
[17:45] <derivmug[m]> It's not finished yet, only the DatePicker UI element is
[17:45] <CRImier> oh btw... made a pull request with the calendar? could review it
[17:46] <CRImier> ah ok =)
[17:46] <CRImier> need any help?
[17:47] <derivmug[m]> I could also create a TimePicker UI element
[17:48] <derivmug[m]> What should the calendar app be capable of?
[17:48] <CRImier> actually, just using a DatePicker, maybe with an emoty callback
[17:48] <CRImier> likely
[17:48] <CRImier> I will try adding plugins to it, I guess =)
[17:49] <derivmug[m]> Should I for now create a calendar app which lets you add events by choosing a date, time and description?
[17:50] <CRImier> that's something I'd try adding plugins for
[17:50] <CRImier> BTW
[17:50] <derivmug[m]> ah ok
[17:50] <CRImier> you did check the DatePicker issue? Like, is it possible to add a format string?
[17:51] <derivmug[m]> not yet
[17:51] <CRImier> using, say, strftime
[17:52] <CRImier> we'll probably need that for flexibility
[17:52] <CRImier> I could actually play with it myself, too
[17:52] <CRImier> as in, try to add that
[17:53] <derivmug[m]> ok, so what exactly should I do for now? RIght now the DatePicker let's you choose a date and returns a dict containing the year,month and day
[17:54] <CRImier> I think TimePicker is a great idea
[17:54] <derivmug[m]> Ok
[17:55] <CRImier> falling asleep, but it seems even my laptop will do that before me
[17:55] <CRImier> will try harder =) Good night!
[17:55] <derivmug[m]> me too, good night =)

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