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[10:58] <Not> [ZPUI] codecov[bot] edited a comment on pull request #150: first changes to GraphicsPrinter - https://git.io/fpM3P
[10:59] <CRImier> hi! Sorry, yesterday was quite busy for me
[10:59] <louispi[m]> Quite a few improvements and errors fixed
[10:59] <CRImier> the bot seems to be really late, too
[10:59] <louispi[m]> Oh hey
[10:59] <CRImier> louispi: Not sure if it is something I have changed (I don't think it is) but in my piportablerecorder folder (cloned old version of ZPUI), the UI loads a lot quicker than my kept up to date ZPUI folder
[10:59] <CRImier> same commandline?
[11:00] <louispi[m]> No problem, we all have busy days
[11:00] <Not> [ZPUI] codecov[bot] edited a comment on pull request #150: first changes to GraphicsPrinter - https://git.io/fpM3P
[11:00] <CRImier> single-app mode has a noticeable delay for some reason
[11:00] <louispi[m]> Yeah
[11:00] <CRImier> I didn't investigate it yet
[11:00] <CRImier> but not 10 seconds either
[11:00] <CRImier> Context manager hasn't been touched for quite a while indeed - mostly because it wasn't needed
[11:00] <CRImier> I only needed to improve it for the lockscreen
[11:01] <louispi[m]> Running git diff I have only changed snake but that exclude the stuff I pull requested but you can see that on my pull request.
[11:01] <louispi[m]> Wait so you are not getting it?
[11:02] <CRImier> not getting what?
[11:03] <louispi[m]> the lag time between loading config and context manage
[11:03] <louispi[m]> r
[11:04] <CRImier> I didn't investigate it, yeah
[11:04] <louispi[m]> Oh okay
[11:04] <CRImier> maybe you could use the kill -USR1 trick to figure it out
[11:04] <louispi[m]> Not a problem for me really, just affects speed loading up
[11:05] <louispi[m]> Okay
[11:12] <louispi[m]> Killed main.py, nothing changed
[11:13] <CRImier> it should've printed stuff out
[11:13] <CRImier> I guess I should make a demo of that
[11:13] <louispi[m]> I used sudo kill -9 pid
[11:14] <louispi[m]> using the pid of main.py
[11:15] <CRImier> WHY 9? =D
[11:15] <CRImier> -9
[11:16] <CRImier> -9 is not -USR1
[11:16] <louispi[m]> -9 because I though you just wanted me to kill main.py and the other method didn't work =D
[11:16] <CRImier> kill -USR1
[11:16] <CRImier> kill -9 is "nuke from orbit"
[11:16] <louispi[m]> just that okay
[11:17] <CRImier> yeah
[11:17] <CRImier> open a new terminal or something
[11:17] <louispi[m]> lol
[11:17] <louispi[m]> I get something about usage come up
[11:18] <louispi[m]> Guess I am not using it right
[11:19] <CRImier> usage?
[11:20] <CRImier> soo, here's the short tutorial:
[11:20] <CRImier> open two terminals
[11:20] <CRImier> run ZPUI in one
[11:20] <louispi[m]> Done
[11:20] <CRImier> check the PID from other ("ps ax|grep python main.py|grep -v grep"
[11:20] <CRImier> there should be a single line of output
[11:21] <CRImier> not containing the "grep" itself
[11:21] <CRImier> first number on that line is the PID
[11:21] <CRImier> do kill -USR1 PID
[11:21] <CRImier> should be doable while ZPUI's still on that problem-causing spot
[11:22] <louispi[m]> I got two, one for python main.py and sudo python main.py. Will kill both
[11:22] <CRImier> kill the one without sudo
[11:23] <louispi[m]> done
[11:23] <CRImier> printed anything in the first terminal?
[11:23] <louispi[m]> nothing
[11:25] <louispi[m]> Oh yes something
[11:25] <CRImier> should be tracebacks of all threads currently running
[11:26] <CRImier> not too readable, but still readable
[11:26] <louispi[m]> Yep
[11:26] <CRImier> should be one input subsystem thread, one input driver thread, one main thread and possibly one or two more
[11:27] <louispi[m]> Loads of stuff
[11:28] <louispi[m]> Sorry I am appearing a noob, but do you want me to kill it whilst it is doing the switch context bit or just whenever
[11:29] <CRImier> when it's stuck
[11:30] <louispi[m]> Okay
[11:30] <CRImier> the switch context bit, pretty much
[11:30] <CRImier> shouldn't take that long I think
[11:30] <louispi[m]> When I run it when it is stuck it kills it then just continues
[11:31] <CRImier> kills what?
[11:31] <CRImier> it should print stuff out and continue, yeah
[11:31] <louispi[m]> it just dumps the threads
[11:31] <CRImier> yessss
[11:31] <CRImier> that's what we need
[11:32] <louispi[m]> bpaste it?
[11:32] <CRImier> the dump shows *where* exactly it's stuck at the moment
[11:32] <CRImier> sure, do bpaste it
[11:33] <louispi[m]> Check out - bpaste.net/show/a8128d9f5539
[11:39] <CRImier> nothing useful, actually
[11:39] <louispi[m]> 8 seconds isn't long but it is definitely quicker to run in my old ZPUI directory
[11:40] <louispi[m]> hmmm
[11:40] <CRImier> does some usual stuff
[11:40] <CRImier> no sleep()s or anything
[11:40] <louispi[m]> Have you checked if you get the same yet
[11:40] <CRImier> same what?
[11:41] <louispi[m]> The pause between loading config and switching context
[11:41] <CRImier> ahh that pause
[11:41] <CRImier> it's all the imports
[11:41] <CRImier> BTW
[11:42] <CRImier> I can no longer reproduce =D
[11:42] <CRImier> it's lighting quick for me now
[11:42] <louispi[m]> ah
[11:42] <CRImier> well, the imports aren't
[11:43] <CRImier> but the "switching to main" to actually going to my app
[11:43] <CRImier> is really fast
[11:43] <CRImier> it wasn't before
[11:43] <CRImier> on the emulator, too
[11:43] <CRImier> iDK =D
[11:44] <louispi[m]> Definitely only in my up to date ZPUI directory but it could be something I changed but I don't know what
[11:45] <CRImier> you can do 'git status' to see your own changes
[11:45] <CRImier> (ones that weren't committed yet)
[11:45] <louispi[m]> Yeah just the snake edited and the stuff I pull requested
[11:46] <louispi[m]> Same pause when I run an induvidual app
[11:48] <louispi[m]> The most recent traceback is always screen = output.init(config['output'])
[11:49] <louispi[m]> if I control c it
[11:57] <louispi[m]> Two questions about the stopwatch app, is there a way to exit it and doesn't it need to use Pretty Printer as some of the text goes over the edge of the screen
[11:57] <CRImier> Exit stopwatch by pressing LEFT?
[11:57] <CRImier> just like all the other apps
[11:58] <louispi[m]> Ah haven't tried out many apps =D
[11:58] <louispi[m]> gtg
[12:25] <CRImier> louispi: check this out
[12:25] <CRImier> https://gist.github.com/CRImier/41f5e2fa57a2e00dc23e7e148fb998d5
[12:25] <CRImier> some git workflows there in a numbered list
[12:26] <CRImier> BTW, derivmug, check it out too
[12:26] <CRImier> basically describes my own workflow
[12:30] <derivmug[m]> CRImier: The display I ordered arrived and it is capable of both I2c and SPI. There are 2 solder bridges on the back which can be shorted to choose which protocol to use. SPI is selected by default (at least it's this way with the display I have received)
[12:31] <derivmug[m]> Will do
[12:32] <CRImier> let me know if it helps
[12:32] <CRImier> probably isn't as readable as I'd like it to be
[12:32] <CRImier> but a very good summary
[18:18] <Not>
[18:18] <Not> [ZeroPhone/ZPUI] CRImier 61c9228 - Merge branch 'devel' of github.com:ZeroPhone/ZPUI into grid-menu
[18:18] <Not> [ZPUI] codecov[bot] edited a comment on pull request #123: Grid menu - https://git.io/fxiUH

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