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[05:22] <crimier[m]> Heh, it appears I have a system of monitoring of some kind installed
[05:23] <crimier[m]> There was a problem with zerophone.org server at 12:50, I woke up at 13:00 (after only 5 hours of sleep, which is quite unusual)
[05:23] <crimier[m]> I don't remember installing it, but I don't think I mind =D
[10:05] <SylvainM[m]> Which kind of problem?
[10:43] <CRImier> SylvainM, I'm having trouble with PayPal - my PP account is locked
[10:44] <CRImier> wouldn't be a problem usually, just need 1) proof of identity 2) bank statement 3) proof of address - simple, right?
[10:44] <CRImier> well, proof of address is the interesting one
[10:45] <CRImier> Typically, their suggestion is "a utility/other bill with your address listed". Effectively, I rent, and I don't pay any major bills directly - and those that I do, don't list my address
[10:45] <CRImier> so, I've sent them 3 different documents so far
[10:46] <CRImier> First was an old phone bill with my address, they rejected it - old
[10:46] <CRImier> Second was my EU parliament voting invitation - rejected, no reason states (probably not something they expect)
[10:47] <CRImier> Yesterday, I've went to my bank and paid to have two documents printed - first is my account information (has my detailed information and address), second is my bank account overview for last two months
[10:48] <SylvainM[m]> Haaa the joys of administrative procedures :-
[10:48] <CRImier> PayPal rejected both - the first document doesn't contain any account information, second document, well
[10:48] <CRImier> I swear to fucking god
[10:49] <CRImier> I've just paid for another document today
[10:49] <CRImier> it's more expensive, but it
[10:49] <CRImier> it has higher chances of being suitable
[10:49] <CRImier> and if it's not, I'll find a phone and I'll be calling PayPal until I fall asleep, for 16 hours straight
[10:50] <CRImier> the document I paid for will have my bank's electronic fucking signature
[10:50] <CRImier> and I'll be damned if these bureaucratic idiots don't know what an electronic signature means
[10:50] <CRImier> that's the backstory
[10:51] <SylvainM[m]> *facepalm
[10:51] <SylvainM[m]> Since when the logo is proof of anything.
[10:51] <CRImier> the real story is - I have $250 frozen in my PP account, and today my DigitalOcean hosting turned off
[10:51] <CRImier> linked my credit card, paid it off, back up again
[10:51] <SylvainM[m]> Ok
[10:52] <SylvainM[m]> Do you have a way to accept donations btw?
[10:53] <CRImier> Apart from PayPal - Liberapay and SWIFT transfers
[10:53] <SylvainM[m]> I'm a student and I can't give much but I'll happily help you pay for the hosting or for parts
[10:54] <CRImier> I'm trying to diversify, PP sucks and has sucked for a long time
[10:54] <CRImier> I'm fine at the moment, provided I can unfreeze the account, so don't worry =)
[10:54] <CRImier> but thank you for the offer! Make sure you're OK, first
[10:54] <SylvainM[m]> I don't know about swift but I'll get a look at liberapay.
[10:55] <CRImier> I should probably also switch the ZP Patreon to Payoneer - I opened an account already, just kinda afraid to test it, lest I lose some money
[10:55] <SylvainM[m]> I'll be ok. It's just that I always think I should give for all the things I use and never quite made the effort to really donate.
[10:56] <CRImier> Louis Rossmann has also cancelled his PayPal account that he used for Macbook repair/part selling payment reception
[10:56] <CRImier> since recently, PP has updated their policy so that, when you refund a buyer, you pay the PP fees
[10:57] <SylvainM[m]> I just saw two website I was often visiting about electronics just disappeared probably because the author probably wasn't interested in paying for the hosting anymore. It's sad.
[10:57] <CRImier> essentially, a dick move on PP part
[10:57] <CRImier> I've been thinking about hosting fees
[10:58] <CRImier> and what happens if I can't pay them anymore - i.e. somebody runs me over while I'm cycling =D
[10:58] <CRImier> DO has this referral feature
[10:58] <CRImier> I should probably make a "ways to help ZeroPhone" and add some referral links to services there
[10:58] <CRImier> i.e. DO, SpreeNow, LCSC and so on
[10:59] <CRImier> with DO, you can AFAIK actually auto-pay the hosting fees with the referral percentages
[10:59] <CRImier> if set up and working, this would be an amazing system to have working - hosting that works indefinitely =D
[11:00] <CRImier> I personally lost access to, IIRC, EEE PC forums
[11:00] <CRImier> that was a huge loss, there was so much valuable information there
[11:00] <CRImier> To think of it, people could easily archive such things and host them on a spare server
[11:01] <CRImier> it's not like it costs CPU time to serve some static HTML a couple times a day
[11:02] <CRImier> also, there should be a Chrome/FF plugin that auto-archives your bookmarks on your home server/VPS
[11:02] <SylvainM[m]> Yes it's always sad when a website disappear.
[11:02] <SylvainM[m]> Have you looked a tuxfamily?
[11:02] <SylvainM[m]> They could probably offer you hosting. And it's definitely the kind of project they support.
[11:02] <CRImier> Hmm, hosting transfers can be tricky
[11:02] <CRImier> thank you for the mention! I will take note
[11:03] <CRImier> at the very least, we could have a static mirror on something independent

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