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[09:07] <unrest_> hopefully binratd will work..
[09:07] <unrest_> http://www.update.uu.se/~zrajm/programs/
[09:08] <rkdavis> unrest: no joy on the image yesterday
[09:08] <unrest_> none..
[09:08] <unrest_> due to different OE versions and thereby library-fuckery
[09:08] <rkdavis> :( oh well such is life
[09:08] <unrest_> indeed
[09:18] <unrest_> sweet_away: you there by coincidence?
[09:56] <sweet_away> am now :)
[09:56] <unrest_> do you know about mousekeys and xkb?
[09:57] <sweet_away> unrest_: unfortunately not. Something I guess I will have to figure out?
[09:57] <unrest_> wekk..
[09:57] <unrest_> well*
[09:57] <sweet_away> you making some progress then?
[09:57] <unrest_> sorta
[09:57] <sweet_away> I assume you got the receipies then, or is this just with the image?
[09:58] <unrest_> none of these
[09:58] <unrest_> making progress on my own, as it seems
[09:58] <sweet_away> in the OE env?
[09:58] <unrest_> yeah
[09:58] <sweet_away> mind sharing _your_ receipie(s)?
[09:59] <unrest_> you'll likely have them
[09:59] <unrest_> HAHAAA!
[09:59] <unrest_> i got X, matchbox and softmouse!
[09:59] <unrest_> _WORKING_ on the Z2!
[09:59] <sweet_away> brilliant! w00t!
[09:59] <unrest_> brb
[09:59] <Mathman952> nice
[10:05] <sweet_away> Mathman952: right we hold him down and interrogate for information as soon as he's coffeed. You with me? :)
[10:06] <unrest_> it moves slow, but i moves
[10:06] <sweet_away> unrest_: total awesomeness :) can we bug you for steps to reproduce?
[10:07] <unrest_> i could give you my image and make my package repo available online..
[10:07] <sweet_away> unrest_: that would be cool, but I would prefer to build it on my side so that I can tinker
[10:07] <sweet_away> I'm assuming you based off one of the image packages? like x11-image or such?
[10:07] <unrest_> i just built the base image
[10:08] <unrest_> and from there ipkh'd my way to wisdom
[10:08] <unrest_> ipkg*
[10:08] <sweet_away> okay I have that all done. don't suppose you have a shell trace of what you installed that you can pastebin?
[10:08] <sweet_away> I'd like to build a containing image so that I can put it all onto SD (no network yet in the new kernel)
[10:08] <unrest_> if i knew ipkg better or as good as apt, i could find out all the installed ipkg packages
[10:09] <unrest_> darn, that's easy..
[10:09] <unrest_> ipkg list_installed
[10:09] <sweet_away> hmm the x11-sato-image looks like a really good starting point
[10:15] <unrest_> http://nullvector.org/z2_min_xfb_mousekeys_packages
[10:15] <unrest_> that's the packages
[10:15] <unrest_> one might leave out the development foo tho
[10:16] <sweet_away> unrest_: thanks. I think I can put together an image from that and the sato stuff... exciting :)
[10:27] <sweet_away> brb, switching to VM
[10:27] <unrest_> g1powermac_PB: what do you think of X with softmouse?
[10:44] <sweetlilmre> hmm well off goes the build... might be a bit excessive, but we'll see :)
[10:46] <unrest_> can anyone tell me what fucked up kind of dope the OE package maintainers smoked, when packaging perl? pod2html's missing... -.-
[10:46] <sweetlilmre> unrest_: OE can be a wonder :)
[10:46] <unrest_> more of a nightmare most of the time, if you ask me..
[10:46] <unrest_> ;)
[10:48] <sweetlilmre> first attempt at an image .bb: http://zipit.pastebin.com/m7f7da742
[10:55] <sweetlilmre> hmm waaay too many bits in there. trimming it down
[10:59] <unrest_> oh.. those tards left out most of matchboxes applets...
[10:59] <unrest_> i think of using fluxbox instead.. ^^
[11:06] <sweetlilmre> Well my build is almost done. I need to add the applets back in tho
[11:07] <unrest_> err? how do you want to add the applets without their bbs?
[11:09] <sweetlilmre> I mean rebuild with the applets in
[11:09] <sweetlilmre> oh I see the bbs are not in OE, sorry misconstrued you :)
[11:09] <unrest_> so...?
[11:09] <sweetlilmre> well that is interesting 19.1MB image
[11:09] <unrest_> so small?
[11:09] <sweetlilmre> so I misunderstood, if there are no bbs then no applets I guess :) well base image is only 9.8
[11:15] <unrest_> do oyu know about sound on the z2?
[11:16] <sweetlilmre> GPSFan is the man for that. He has a really nice driver for the kernel. He was working on it last night to get ALSA mixing going properly for recording
[11:16] <unrest_> will i work on the z2's stock kernel?
[11:16] <unrest_> it'*
[11:16] <sweetlilmre> yes, same kernel and it should work AFAIK
[11:16] <sweetlilmre> ask him :)
[11:18] <sweetlilmre> well x is up. but no matchbox, so its a start :)
[11:18] <unrest_> #!/bin/sh
[11:18] <unrest_> export DISPLAY=0:0
[11:18] <unrest_> Xfbdev -noreset &
[11:18] <unrest_> sleep 3
[11:18] <unrest_> xrandr -o left
[11:18] <unrest_> xmodmap zipit2.xmodmap
[11:18] <unrest_> matchbox-window-manager &
[11:18] <unrest_> sleep 1
[11:18] <unrest_> xkbd &
[11:18] <unrest_> matchbox-desktop &
[11:18] <unrest_> sleep 3
[11:18] <unrest_> matchbox-panel
[11:19] <sweetlilmre> thanks :) that is better, but some stuff is missing: "matchbox-window-manager: error while loading shared libraries: libXcursor.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
[11:24] <sweetlilmre> so I must have borked the build... I am sure I added the xcursor stuff
[11:24] <sweetlilmre> oh and I need the zipit2.xmodmap if you have it?
[11:25] <unrest_> i have it..
[11:25] <unrest_> you gotta wait a minute..
[11:26] <unrest_> nullvector.org/zipit2.xmodmap
[11:29] <sweetlilmre> thanks building now.
[11:39] <unrest_> if you hack together bbs for the matchbox-applets please let me know
[11:39] <sweetlilmre> will do
[11:39] <unrest_> you know about connection to WEPed networks?
[11:44] <sweetlilmre> I got my z2 to connect to my wep network with hidden ssid, hang a sec, let me find the config
[11:44] <unrest_> nonono
[11:44] <unrest_> i know how to do it and do it =)
[11:45] <unrest_> just wanted to know if you do know. if not i'd've told you
[11:45] <sweetlilmre> yeah I had a couple of issues (ap_scan was wrong which caused major hassles) but got it up and going
[11:46] <sweetlilmre> hmm its building gtk+ now I wonder what I added that needed that...
[11:46] <unrest_> likely the matchbox-theme-gtk ;)
[11:46] <sweetlilmre> nope that is still commented :)
[11:46] <unrest_> hmm..
[11:46] <unrest_> gotta go now - got a train to miss ;)
[11:46] <unrest_> talk to you later =)
[11:47] <sweetlilmre> omll: hi :)
[11:48] <omll> hi sweetlilmre, lost connections for some reason
[11:48] <omll> been looking at unrest_'s xmodmap: very nice
[11:49] <sweetlilmre> LOL, adding "xcursor-transparent-theme" to the build was a very bad idea :)
[12:35] <GPSFan> sweetlilmre: finally got some bits out of the wm8750!!
[12:35] <sweetlilmre> nice :) you have been working HARD on that. congrats :)
[12:36] <GPSFan> sweetlilmre: yeah, last night I found out how to get all the various power bits set right, and today found out that zipit had either forgotten to hook up the ADCLRC pin, or forgot to set the control to not use it for the "left-right clock" input to the ADCs'
[12:38] <GPSFan> sweetlilmre: and the test signal that I recorded has real data in it!! yea!
[12:39] <GPSFan> ie. I can play it back and it sounds like what Iput in.
[12:39] <omll> very cool, sounds!
[12:45] <omll> is this changes to the driver or just a magic alsa setting
[12:45] <GPSFan> omll: I should have a patch and or new driver later today, I have stuff to do this afternoon, so it may drag on till tomorrow, but it does work.
[12:46] <GPSFan> no, there is a bit in the wm8750 reg 0x1b that has to be set, and I hope I can find a way to set it from z2.c as opposet to having to change wm8750.c
[12:46] <GPSFan> it is a setup unique to the z2
[12:49] <sweetlilmre> GPSFan: that sooo rocks :) well done, bbiab gotta get some supplies
[12:55] <GPSFan> sweetlilmre: now that I think about it, zipit probably set that bit inside the zipit application, if they ever got around to using the recording capability.
[12:55] <omll> did you happen to notice what the extra two pins on the mic
[12:55] <omll> jack are connected to?
[13:09] <GPSFan> omll: the 4 extra pins are gnd, mic input, NC, 1.8Vdc (this may not be vcc as there is a resistor to ground from this pin) I was incorrect about it being a stereo mic. The mic pin has ~3v of bias supplied from the micbias pin of the wm8750 through a 2.7k resistor.
[13:14] <omll> well, I hope the top two pins are ground and mic input
[13:14] <omll> I seem to remember from hunting up a pinout that nintendo
[13:14] <omll> DS which shares this connector had some sort of serial port
[13:14] <omll> for a remote and power on the two lower pins
[13:18] <GPSFan> omll: http://imagebin.ca/view/1phkLBb.html
[13:18] <GPSFan> omll: this is looking at the board from the bottom.
[13:28] <omll> nice, it looks like the 3.5mm might have all five contacts
[13:28] <omll> tip ring1 ring2 sleeve and the plug detect like in app note 177
[13:29] <GPSFan> omll: looking down the barrel I only see 3 gold fingers.
[13:34] <GPSFan> hmm, maybe 4
[13:38] <omll> one on the left near the outside
[13:39] <omll> one ont the top with board upside down like in picture
[13:39] <omll> one on the right for ring one
[13:39] <omll> and the tip which is under the green ground marker in your pic
[13:39] <GPSFan> omll: could be, I see the connections on the board. I don't have any plugs of that many connections so I can't plug one in to see whether all the connections are really there.
[13:43] <omll> well the only reason I was checking for the second ring is
[13:43] <GPSFan> If I had a dead z2 I could pull the jack off and see for sure.
[13:44] <omll> that my turtle beach headset from bestbuy had T R1 R2 S and
[13:44] <omll> the two bottom (in pic) pins on the mic jack
[13:44] <GPSFan> omll: I'll try to ring out the connections sometime soon.
[13:46] <GPSFan> although the extra pins could be for a headphone present switch.
[13:46] <GPSFan> they had one on the Z1.
[13:46] <omll> I think the U shaped pin on the left side of the pic is the
[13:47] <omll> plug detect like in the app note
[13:48] <omll> what is more of a concern is that it appears the standard
[13:48] <omll> headset has the mic between NC and ground...
[13:49] <GPSFan> omll: I noticed that. sort of sucks, I guess you could but a blob of solder between the nc & mic
[14:07] <sweetlilmre> hmmm I have matchbox up and running after a few false starts, but no cursor. I wonder how unrest_ got his to work?
[14:18] <sweetlilmre> night all
[19:56] <GPSFan> New alas sound drivers (bin & source) with working recording posted: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/zipitwireless/message/2495
[19:57] <GPSFan> s/alas/alsa
[20:07] <rkdavis> is that like a large bowl of dip? :)
[20:07] <rkdavis> but good job gps
[20:48] <GPSFan> rkdavis: well I haven't done any tweaking of the levels yet, but my test signal came out ok, the mic is a bit distorted, I guess I have tha gains up too high. but it's progress !!!
[20:49] <GPSFan> at this point it's all a userlland issue.
[20:59] <GPSFan> rkdavis: wb...

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