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[02:16] <anarsoul|2> -wip
[02:16] <chomis>
[02:17] <anarsoul|2> |I didn't try 3.18 yet on z2
[10:08] <mozzwald> anarsoul|2: still can't boot from mmc. I get this error while booting, perhaps it's related: pxa2xx-mci pxa2xx-mci.0: unable to request rx dma channel
[10:08] <mozzwald> maybe I'm missing something in config?
[10:08] <anarsoul|2> |ah
[10:08] <anarsoul|2> |you disabled mmp-dma driver
[10:08] <anarsoul|2> |in kernel config
[10:08] <anarsoul|2> |wait a min, I'll give you mine
[10:09] <mozzwald> I'm using an old config
[10:09] <anarsoul|2> |https://www.dropbox.com/s/re0la46cx1pshbn/config-3.17?dl=0
[10:09] <chomis>
[10:10] <anarsoul|2> |diff it with old one to find out what's missing
[10:10] <anarsoul|2> |you need CONFIG_MMP_PDMA
[10:10] <anarsoul|2> |CONFIG_SND_DMAENGINE_PCM to get sound working
[10:10] <anarsoul|2> |and CONFIG_SPI_PXA2XX_DMA for SPI
[10:11] <anarsoul|2> |btw, I also suggest to try SLOB allocator on z2
[10:11] <anarsoul|2> |it should give some extra memory
[10:11] <anarsoul|2> |(several hundreds of kilobytes)
[10:13] <mozzwald> alrighty, thx
[10:14] <anarsoul|2> |(if audio input is working I've another idea for z2 usage :))
[10:17] <anarsoul|2> |with iwmmxt it should be powerful enough to become a simple guitar effect processor
[10:19] <mozzwald> ooo, cool
[10:20] <anarsoul|2> |I've participated in gnuitar development back in 2006, and I know its code enough to make ncurses interface
[10:24] <slug_> so we can play guitar with a zipit?
[10:24] <slug_> like electric guitar?
[10:34] <mozzwald> so you can plug the guitar into the zipit and make cool sounds :)
[10:35] <anarsoul|2> |yep
[10:54] <mozzwald> it boots finally.. now to test mic
[10:55] <anarsoul|2> |:)
[10:55] <anarsoul|2> |arecord | aplay should produce something if everything's ok with controls in alsamixer
[11:01] <slug_> so I need to an electric guitar too?
[11:04] <mozzwald> bah.. still nothing
[11:10] <anarsoul|2> |slug_: yep
[11:10] <anarsoul|2> |:)
[11:10] <anarsoul|2> |you don't have one yet?
[11:31] <slug_> no, but I have a reason to get one now :)
[11:31] <slug_> I have been working on my singing skills for years
[11:32] <slug_> but electric guitar in the shower would be a bad plan
[11:32] <slug_> so I will have to stick to the air guitar
[12:20] <anarsoul|2> |nah, not as interesting
[13:04] <mozzwald> been sifting through the logs and gpsfan originally got mic input working. looks like all you need is a condenser mic and the rest of the circuit is built into the zipit
[13:05] <anarsoul|2> |could be true for side connector (one near to headphones input)
[13:05] <mozzwald> the micbias circuit provides power to the mic but, the micbias adc has to be turned on. i'm not sure if our driver is doing this (or which alsa mixer option)
[13:06] <mozzwald> both mic inputs have a micbias circuit: https://mozzwald.com/public/images/zipit/z2_mic_traces.jpg
[13:08] <anarsoul|2> |mozzwald: it's not my driver, Marex is the author
[13:11] <mozzwald> actually it's gpsfans driver and marex modified/clened it up I think. I'm just trying to figure out how to get it working. maybe I should start with the internal port, then worry about the external
[13:17] <anarsoul|2> |maybe
[14:33] <hinv> !stats
[14:56] <mozzwald> found the missing bit. had to add this to line 723 in sound/soc/codecs/wm8750.c: snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8750_ADCTL3, 0x0180, 0x0180);
[14:58] <mozzwald> still need to tweak the audio input though
[14:58] <mozzwald> sound input is delayed about 1 second
[14:59] <anarsoul|2> |should be controlled with "Route" control
[14:59] <mozzwald> found the fix from gpsfan's original driver that was stashed in the yahoo groups. https://mozzwald.com/zipit/Z2-rec_gpsfan_audio_fixes.tar.bz2
[14:59] <anarsoul|2> |Out 3 Mux
[14:59] <mozzwald> brb
[15:00] <anarsoul|2> |let me check it with qemu...
[15:01] <anarsoul|2> |mozzwald: there's "Out 3 Mux" control in alsamixer, please check if without your change you can get sound from mic by changing this control
[15:09] <mozzwald> anarsoul|2: I will try again without my change, but I did fiddle it. it only gives me options for vref, rout1+vol, monoout, and rout1
[15:10] <anarsoul|2> |yep, and what option do you need?
[15:11] <mozzwald> lout2?
[15:11] <anarsoul|2> |one min...
[15:13] <anarsoul|2> |where I can get wm8750 datasheet?
[15:14] <mozzwald> http://www.wolfsonmicro.com/media/76434/WM8750BL.pdf
[15:18] <anarsoul|2> |well, for out3 all possible combinations are implemented
[15:20] <mozzwald> I get nothing without the change
[15:20] <anarsoul|2> |hm
[15:22] <anarsoul|2> |aahhh
[15:22] <anarsoul|2> |ADCTL3, and I'm looking for ADCTL2 in the code...
[15:23] <anarsoul|2> |yep, those bits aren't implemented
[15:23] <anarsoul|2> |ADCLRM
[15:24] <mozzwald> here's gpsfan talking about it: https://mozzwald.com/irclog/zipit/2009/01/23#12:36
[15:24] <chomis>
[15:25] <mozzwald> ..if that's the same register
[15:26] <anarsoul|2> |yep
[15:26] <anarsoul|2> |0x1b
[15:26] <anarsoul|2> |ADCTL3
[15:31] <anarsoul|2> |so what's the function of this ADCLRM pin?
[15:35] <mozzwald> datasheet pg43 says it configures ADCLRC
[15:38] <anarsoul|2> |I guess it's ADC clock input, since codec is in slave mode...
[15:39] <mozzwald> can that be set from sound/soc/pxa/z2.c instead of the wm8750.c?
[15:39] <anarsoul|2> |no idea yet
[15:42] <anarsoul|2> |try to change .dai_fmt field in z2_dai in z2.c
[15:42] <anarsoul|2> |replace SND_SOC_DAIFMT_CBS_CFS with SND_SOC_DAIFMT_CBM_CFM
[15:44] <anarsoul|2> |may break sound at all...
[15:52] <mozzwald> yeah, no sound output
[15:53] <anarsoul|2> |so wm8750 is in mixed mode on z2
[15:53] <anarsoul|2> |look like they forgot to wire ADCLRC pin
[15:59] <anarsoul|2> |ok, so we need some workaround in wm8750.c
[15:59] <anarsoul|2> |...
[16:18] <mozzwald> is the line I added enough?
[16:20] <anarsoul|2> |well, it is a workaround, but it's not acceptable in upstream. It should be configurable, so others platform aren't broken
[16:20] <anarsoul|2> |we could introduce platform data for wm8750 codec, but I'm not sure it'll be accepted either...
[16:20] <anarsoul|2> |I'll ask alsa devs tomorrow
[16:40] <mozzwald> ah, gotcha
[20:42] <arossdotme> note to self ask slug what when/if he recompiles the kernel to enable fuse suport so one can browse the zipit files over sshfs as a mount point on your pc. also you can mount you pc fs on the zipit! very handy
[20:43] <arossdotme> what=that
[21:58] <arossdotme> mozzwald, how to mount openwrt img from flashstock? mount dose not do the job
[21:59] <arossdotme> same commands as the overlayfs img?
[22:13] <slug_> openwrt image is a jffs2
[22:14] <slug_> as I recall you need to set a loopback device
[22:14] <slug_> then mount the loopback
[22:16] <slug_> so I guess that is the same as the overlay, just that is a jffs instead of ext2

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