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[08:01] <mozzwald> greetings zipits. I've been working on a handheld rasperry pi with qwerty keypad. anyone here have recommendations/comments/critque on my curved and staggered layouts? https://mozzwald.com/photos/qwertypi/
[08:35] <deeice_> mozzwald: Looks like a fun project. I'd trade the huge enter key for the smaller one, and go with standards for the shifted keys wherever possible. Make < and > the shifted , and . and bump ; and : to the fn set. Swap ~ and `. And I'm not clear what you get by having both alt and fn.
[08:40] <deeice_> Also, why does the space bar need to be so big? I suspect it'd be just as easy to hit if it was only a little wider than a square, but with some empty margins on the side. Then you could trade the extra 2 space bar pads for 2 more useful buttons.
[09:04] <mozzwald> yeah, I guess alt is not necessary as fn will be altgr. smaller spacebar seems like a good idea. what other key could be added in place of it?
[09:05] <mozzwald> any preference of the staggered vs curved?
[09:37] <deeice_> I don't know about staggered vs curved. Is one easier to work with the thumbs? If not, then whichever fits more keys I suppose.
[09:38] <mozzwald> The curved fits more keys I think, but I've had comments that the keys should be staggered for faster typing >> buZz
[09:39] <mozzwald> I'm not convinced considering how small the keyboard is anyway
[09:39] <deeice_> I got a lot of mileage out of the ,< and .> pair of keys on the bottom right of the zipit. Maybe you could move them there and create two keys above for the various parens and brackets.
[09:40] <deeice_> That packs a bunch of left/right or zoom in/out possibilities into that space.
[09:47] <mozzwald> what about this https://mozzwald.com/public/images/qwertypi/keyboard_layout_stagger-2.png
[09:54] <mozzwald> the "any" keys seem like overkill to me as I dunno what to put on them :) and I think I'd prefer the enter where shift is
[10:00] <deeice_> Maybe move the shifts to the bottom corners, since they'll get used a lot. Then move fn up, and slide , and . to the left.
[10:01] <deeice_> "any" key could be a third mouse button if it's convenient to the right thumb.
[10:04] <deeice_> You might want to orient the two op buttons horizontal instead vertical in line with the power button. That seems ripe for accidental power offs.
[10:07] <deeice_> Also maybe consider making a '" key or | key above enter for coders.
[10:12] <mozzwald> power button only turns on the regulator at the moment. shutdown or reboot needs to be done via linux. need to figure out how to wire it to a gpio without frying it.
[10:13] <mozzwald> so, if it's powered up, pressing the power button does nothing :P
[10:15] <deeice_> Ok, but aside from power mishaps, if you end up using op keys for mouse buttons I think of them as left and right mouse, now upper and lower mouse buttons. Also I think maybe I'd prefer the | key. I miss the pipe on the command line of the zipit, and is often used for search.
[10:19] <mozzwald> yeah, pipe would be better
[10:27] <mozzwald> hmm, mouse.. dpad is on the left so mouse activator should be on the right since you need both hands. or if any key turns it on and stays on, press again to turn it off
[10:31] <deeice_> You could probably reach the any key on the left of the spacebar with your right thumb to activate the mouse. If you make the | key then you could put insert on fn-p so it's right next to the delete key like it should be.
[10:56] <mozzwald> ok, I'm starting to like this now :) https://mozzwald.com/public/images/qwertypi/keyboard_layout_stagger-2.png
[11:09] <deeice_> I'd use it.

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