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[07:21] <munchausen> mozzwald do you have any breakout boards left?
[07:21] <munchausen> Got a little project in mind...
[07:57] <mozzwald> munchausen: no I dont, sorry
[08:02] <munchausen> mozzwald no problem. Maybe I will make my own board
[10:08] <dTal> where can you get the connector?
[10:15] <munchausen> I don't know if mozzwald used a PCB mount connector. But cable versions can be harvested from dell axim accessories, IIRC
[10:18] <mozzwald> the cable type connectors seem to be all gone, but you can still get the smt connector http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/ST60X-36S/H11464CT-ND/1211562
[11:44] <dTal> I wonder how many Zipits actually exist
[11:45] <dTal> probably a decent fraction of the total ever manufactured
[11:45] <deeice_> What's the project? I think most of the axim cables have only 4 pins, but you can move them around.
[11:49] <mozzwald> i just got a random package in the mail from china. i didn't order it and didn't order anything around the time it shipped. package is addressed to another name, but my address
[11:50] <mozzwald> it's a microusb to wireless charger receiver
[12:01] <deeice_> somebody's gonna be disappointed.
[12:03] <deeice_> I think I misspoke about the axim cables. I think there were only 4 WIRES in the cable. But there were maybe a dozen movable PINS in the connector, many of which were soldered together.
[12:04] <deeice_> I think I also got a cable once with all the pins populated, but not movable. I'd have to review the pics on the blog.
[14:30] <munchausen> deeice_ I'm tired of smartphones, but also tired of dumbphones that aren't open
[14:31] <munchausen> I use a nokia 515, which is like a super high end dumbphone with a 5mpix camera, 3g tethering and a long bettery life. But I can't really write any useful software for it
[14:32] <munchausen> I was thinking the zipit might be a useful platform for developing a phone stack on, with gmenu2x and buildroot
[14:32] <munchausen> But it would need a 3G modem, mic, and probably bluetooth and a gps too
[14:33] <munchausen> Anyway, mostly a pipe dream but its nice to have a USB socket so i could play with the software
[14:34] <munchausen> /hardware
[14:52] <mozzwald> mmm zipphone
[15:14] <munchausen> its occurred to me that you might be able to get some kind of openwhisper/signal client working on a zipit too
[15:33] <dTal> munchausen: mozzwald actually tried that and wrote it up here: https://mozzwald.com/articles/2015/07/08/3g-cellular-zipit-z2
[15:47] <munchausen> Yeah thinking about it I think I was chatting in here when the idea sparked off. Hadn't seen the write up though...
[15:48] <dTal> the main problem with the Zipit for any kind of cool mod is the almost total lack of room to add anything to the inside
[15:48] <dTal> people have managed to squeeze bluetooth chips in there but that's about it
[15:49] <dTal> so even if you managed to make the Zipitphone work, you'd need a big thing hanging out the back
[15:52] <munchausen> yeah it's just as a test platform though
[15:53] <munchausen> Probably I'd go for a pi zero or something inside a dumbphone case if I could actually find time to get very far on such a project
[15:55] <munchausen> wrt to mozzwalds post, it seems odd that there are such audio issues. I mean, USB1.1 is like 12mbps right, that should be way more than you need for two audio streams
[16:00] <dTal> you're not wrong
[16:01] <dTal> it also seems suspicious that sending data *to* the modem works fine, while grabbing data *from* the modem is choppy
[16:03] <munchausen> Can't help wondering if there's an issue somewhere in the USB stack... maybe the pxa audio driver is more likely
[16:04] <munchausen> or whatever codec is on the zipit
[16:09] <dTal> so it's either 1) the hardware 2) the USB software 3) the audio software
[16:09] <dTal> that narrows it down :)
[16:10] <munchausen> hah
[16:13] <dTal> I was actually thinking it might be a buffer issue
[16:13] <dTal> you often get nastiness when you naively cat audio around
[16:13] <dTal> the thing that weirds me out is that aplay both chopped AND had a delay
[16:14] <dTal> it really ought to do just one or the other, depending on its buffer
[16:24] <munchausen> I don't think its the audio driver... looks like the answerphone example is just saving the pcm data to a file
[16:26] <munchausen> weird
[16:35] <mozzwald> i gave up on the usb phone pretty quickly as i dont know enough to make it work
[16:36] <mozzwald> deeice helped with the answering machine code. probably more info in the logs than my post
[16:36] <munchausen> the answering machine code doesn't actually save the incoming call does it
[16:37] <munchausen> so not very telling
[16:37] <mozzwald> the original did. i think that was the point. i was just trying to use it as a base
[16:38] <mozzwald> maybe it didnt. i forget :)
[16:39] <mozzwald> would be easier for me to just use something with analog audio in the zipit
[16:39] <mozzwald> add a mic and ear speaker
[16:39] <mozzwald> then use usb for data and at commands
[16:41] <munchausen> I don't know if such 3g modems exist, unless you use a module and build your own circuit
[16:41] <munchausen> you'd probably still need a pcm decoder too?
[16:42] <mozzwald> the adafruit fona 3g could work. it has analog audio
[16:42] <mozzwald> based on simcomm brand module
[16:42] <mozzwald> mic and ear speaker directly connected to modem
[16:44] <mozzwald> and if you use the expanded zipit bottom half it might fit
[16:44] <munchausen> expanded zipit bottom half? Is this a thing someone made?
[16:44] <mozzwald> yeah, i made it
[16:44] <munchausen> I've seen that module, you need to supply an aerial I think?
[16:45] <mozzwald> 3d files are in a post on the blof
[16:45] <mozzwald> *blog
[16:45] <munchausen> mozzwald yeah looking. That's awesome!
[16:46] <mozzwald> you need an antenna for sure. there are flat 3g antennas available.
[16:46] <munchausen> Could you also have created an frame that goes between the existing bottom and top cases to make it wider?
[16:46] <mozzwald> printed on thin pcb or polyimide
[16:47] <mozzwald> probably could do that.. like a spacer of sorts?
[16:51] <munchausen> yeah that's what I was thinking. Not that it's particularly better than your solution.
[16:51] <munchausen> I guess it means you can still access the battery door
[17:03] <munchausen> Hey this is cool https://www.tindie.com/products/mux/nanohub-tiny-usb-hub-for-hacking-projects/
[17:15] <mozzwald> ah, yeah, thats nice
[17:54] <munchausen> mozzwald antennas! http://www.antenova-m2m.com/products/
[17:57] <mozzwald> there we go :D
[18:05] <mozzwald> heh, they make the wifi antenna in the z3
[18:05] <munchausen> mozzwald any idea how fast the pxa uart can go? The adafruit 3g module can be used over uart, without usb I think
[18:06] <munchausen> Haven't found the docs that describe the software interface yet, concerned it's closed up. But I'm assuming its like an old school modem, AT commands followed by ppp
[18:06] <mozzwald> never really payed much attention. at least 115200
[18:07] <mozzwald> yeah, probably. simcomm even has some driver sources available. dunno if it's mainline or not
[18:07] <munchausen> they goes up to 4mbps on the uart (I guess because the fastest thing there is hspa at 3.5mbps peak)
[18:08] <munchausen> s/goes/go
[18:09] <munchausen> I wonder what happens if you want to send a text or make a call while doing ppp though
[18:10] <munchausen> maybe it can multiplex it somehow
[18:10] <mozzwald> the usb ones usually have multiple ttyUSB interfaces and one is used for notifications/AT
[18:12] <munchausen> hmmm, it's got built in tcp/ip
[18:12] <munchausen> A bit weird
[18:12] <munchausen> and ftp
[18:13] <munchausen> https
[18:13] <munchausen> smtp
[18:18] <munchausen> I don't think it talks ppp
[18:18] <mozzwald> you can build a complete phone with most of those modules
[18:19] <munchausen> Oh yeah it does. But it looks like you can't do anything else with the uart (calls/text) while using it in that mode
[18:20] <mozzwald> not even a gpio for incoming calls?
[18:20] <munchausen> Aha. Ok so you can go into ppp mode and it has a pin to cause an interrupt
[18:20] <munchausen> yeah
[18:21] <munchausen> so I guess you'd have to drop the ppp connection to answer the call/text/whatever. I guess that isn't the end of the world
[18:21] <munchausen> Only thinking about it since it keeps the zipit USB port free
[18:25] <munchausen> Hmm also precludes using data and gps at the same time. Guess it's best to stick with usb
[20:03] <deeice1> I finally ran into an ogg stream in the ziptuner, so I tried to play it. Mplayer started up and played about a second and then started blasting messages about buffer problems. Same sort of thing we saw a while back in gmu10 when we were testing opus streams. So I'm guessing it must be a problem with libogg.
[20:06] <deeice1> I also added a quick tweak to make it remember where you were in a big list when you hit play, instead of restarting at station 0. That's handy with searches like "france" where the list is over 1000 station. Restarting at zero every time was getting tedious.
[20:08] <deeice1> I wonder if it'd be useful to remember the last item number selected in addition to the last search text.
[20:09] <deeice1> err, remember it when the program quits, So you can get back in tomorrow and resume.

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