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[11:47] <c32> rootnexus boots up for the first on my zipit!
[11:50] <coolty> woot
[12:06] <c32> it is somewhat usable, but from the old distros i think side-track is the best
[12:07] <c32> (from the ones that come with x )
[18:01] <deeice> side-track came with X?
[18:51] <azend|vps> |c32: is there a list of old distros still around somewhere?
[20:09] <deeice> Man, I can't hardly believe how hard it is to link up a static executable on a desktop linux these days. Funny thing is some suggestions say to use Alpine and musl. Might as well say to use a zipit.
[20:13] <deeice> I "love" the way debian says it's a good thing if you can't make static executables, because then they can break all your stuff with an update.
[20:25] <deeice> At first I thought it was just glibc that refused to go static, but no, X and OpenGL are also in on the conspiracy. http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=125185
[20:34] <deeice> Here's the glibc offense, just in case I forget... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2725255/create-statically-linked-binary-that-uses-getaddrinfo

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