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[06:12] <c32> azend|vps: there is a pretty complete list in here : http://www.notanon.com/zipit/different-linux-distributions-for-the-zipit-z2/2010/05/30/
[06:13] <c32> deeice: yes, at least the one on here http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=security/zipit-z2-hacking-userland-side-track
[06:14] <c32> i believe it has fluxbox but it's very well configured
[06:14] <c32> i really like it
[06:47] <deeice> Ah, I see. Might be interesting to finish getting X working on uboot side-track, as mentioned there.
[06:47] <deeice> Err, by there, I mean here. http://www.notanon.com/zipit/tweaking-side-track-linux-for-u-boot-on-the-zipit-z2/2010/07/06/
[07:14] <c32> it could be but the repos are gone if i remember correctly and everything is old anyways so it might not be worth the effort
[19:44] <deeice> Ah well, another X11 on zipit dream crushed...
[19:49] <deeice> But there's still hope with https://github.com/idunham/tinyxserver It claims to build with musl so it could a fit for for the zipit.
[19:53] <deeice> Apparently they've used it to resurrect the old XWOAF (linux and X11 on a floppy) demo. http://pupngo.dk/xwinflpy/xwoaf_rebuild.html
[19:54] <deeice> In the video it looks even sweeter than I remember. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8or3ehc5YDo
[19:56] <deeice> Anyhow, If they can cram that on a floppy disk, then it oughta fit on the zipit jffs with room to spare for really nice goodies.
[20:14] <anarsoul|2> |deeice: RAM usage: 27m/61m
[20:14] <anarsoul|2> |and z2 has only 32m :(
[20:51] <mozzwald> we has swap :P
[21:06] <ssieb> I have some sort of X server running on my wall computer that is only using 16M right now. I built it using buildroot. The computer is a 300MHz Geode.

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