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[00:17] <greguu> munchausen: pinctrl is not fully integrated on pxa - I filed a bugreport to LKML not too long ago, as it impacted any kernel after 4.6. on zaurus (dotmatrix keyboard)
[00:22] <greguu> munchausen: since zipit has full? devicetree support, pinctrl may actually work on zipit.
[00:25] greguu is going to LCA2019 tomorrow and will take a zipit and zaurus c3100..
[00:26] <greguu> and most importantly, the mozzwald breakoutboard and linux pin !
[02:24] <munchausen> ssieb well I didn't know how to do it either but it was a bit of trial and error
[02:24] <munchausen> I got as much flux onto both fpc and pcb as possible, and as much tin onto the contacts as well
[02:25] <munchausen> Initially I tried aligning the fpc cold and holding it down with the index finger of one hand, then heating each track on the pcb hoping it would form a contact
[02:27] <munchausen> But it didn't work, at least not for every contact. In the end I held the iron flat and heated all the tracks together, moving it about a bit to make sure the solder was all liquid, then just pushed the fpc onto it while it was all liquid
[02:28] <munchausen> I got the alignment wrong a couple of times, but it worked on about the third go
[02:28] <munchausen> Its only a 6 pin cable though
[02:29] <munchausen> greguu yeah it seems there's no pinctrl at all with the 4.4 kernels we are using as well
[02:29] <munchausen> I'm a bit stuck with the driver at the moment. I can't work out what the interrupt line should be in the dts
[02:30] <munchausen> I'm feeling a little bit like dts is a very complicated solution to a problem I've never had
[02:30] <munchausen> It's quite frustrating
[02:31] <greguu> munchausen: yes, devicetree is weird for me too, hence zaurus kernels are still without..
[02:31] <greguu> but eventually ..
[02:34] <munchausen> greguu any pointers on what to use for an "interrupts =" line in a pxa dts when you want it to point to a particular GPIO? I know the GPIO interrupt I want is 11, but haven't deciphered anything further yet
[02:35] <munchausen> By which I mena, interrupt 11, not gpio 11 :)
[02:35] <munchausen> Oh wait, 10 sorry
[02:36] <munchausen> greguu have fun at LCA :)
[02:36] <greguu> I hope I will
[02:37] <greguu> no idea bout devicetree, but this has helped me https://events.static.linuxfound.org/sites/events/files/slides/petazzoni-device-tree-dummies.pdf also mentions pinctrl
[02:39] <munchausen> greguu ah nice, thanks for the pointer
[02:40] <munchausen> I still need to see if I can get voidz to go on my zarus sl-5xx0 (can't remember which xx :D)
[02:40] <greguu> you should be able to, by using one of the OE/Yocto kernels from ant
[02:41] <greguu> I hope to get device tree on zaurus this year with some help from ant
[02:42] <munchausen> Eventually I'd like to do kernel work on my ipaq, but it is still some way in the future
[02:42] <greguu> the zipit port to device tree is already some help
[02:42] <munchausen> Yeah I have seen some of your discussions in I forget which room
[02:43] <munchausen> #kexecboot
[02:48] <greguu> must have been yes. I want to try kexecboot on zipit eventually
[02:56] <munchausen> I'm quite tempted at the moment to hardcode the driver I want to work on the zipit and ignore dtb completely
[02:56] <greguu> nothing is going to stop you from doing that
[02:57] <greguu> and it may just do the job
[02:57] <munchausen> It makes me feel like a bad developer though
[02:57] <greguu> its only bad if you do not share your results
[02:59] <greguu> if you select devie tree in linux kernel since 4.6 or so , pinctrl is mandatory
[02:59] <munchausen> Yeah but then I'll have to convert the rest of the zipit code to use pinctrl :)
[03:00] <greguu> you could be the first!
[03:00] <munchausen> I'm not sure I'm up to this task/have enough time
[03:02] <munchausen> Nice try though :)
[03:03] greguu is thinking about to give a lightning talk at LCA about XScale/PXA "the forgotten Intel ARM chipset"
[03:04] <munchausen> Go for it!
[03:04] <munchausen> There's enough users still out there and people keeping it alive :D
[03:05] <greguu> but to be honest, mainline support is still pretty good, compared to other as old SOCs
[03:06] <greguu> zipit seems more lively than the zaurus community.
[03:11] <munchausen> Yeah I don't know what keeps zipit alive
[03:11] <munchausen> Actually probably because the hardware is so cheap
[03:12] <munchausen> It gets it into more people hands and some of them just hold on :)
[03:12] <munchausen> Still don't have a clamshell zaurus. Been tempted a lot of times but they are too expensive
[03:13] <greguu> instead of using a pi, use a zaurus or zipit with expansion board.
[03:13] <greguu> think retro recycle
[03:14] <greguu> XScale/PXA not dead yet
[03:14] <greguu> you can get cheap zaurus on https://www.rakuten.co.jp/
[03:15] <greguu> varti on #kexecboot is familiar with the "process"
[03:16] <greguu> you could also ask on www.oesf.org in the forum in the want/sale section
[03:35] <munchausen> Thank you
[03:36] <munchausen> Didn't find any zauri by typing "zaurus" but maybe I need to put something else
[03:36] <munchausen> I have a friend in Japan, perhaps he could help
[03:38] <munchausen> I found e.g. https://item.rakuten.co.jp/goodmarket/gmktb00081mo7s/
[03:38] <munchausen> But as I understand if that is 48800.00 yen then it is a lot more than I'd probably pay on ebay...
[03:41] <munchausen> Lol, I think zaurus means something like "pliers"
[04:31] <greguu> yeah, leatherman of the 90s hacker
[04:31] <greguu> well not 90s .
[04:32] <greguu> ask varti on oesf.org about obtaining a zaurus, he has good sources
[04:44] <munchausen> greguu thanks will do. Think he is in another channel here too
[05:38] <greguu> or join #zaurus if u dare
[06:47] <munchausen> Zipits are on fleabay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333021652568 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333020996667
[06:47] <munchausen> Quite expensive though
[07:13] <dTal> how is less than 20 quid expensive! hell I might pick up another couple for tht
[07:25] <munchausen> dTal oh really? IDK when I got my zipits I bought 20 for less than 10 GBP each
[07:26] <munchausen> But it was a group buy for a bunch of friends in our hack group, so unfortunately I don't have 20 zipits
[07:27] <munchausen> This is going back to 2011 or so, but there was someone selling off old zipit stock in bulk, I don't remember the details
[08:18] <dTal> I'm just glad they're readily available for a nominal fee
[08:19] <dTal> worth remembering that they cost more than that new
[08:19] <dTal> amazing they used to charge $150
[19:17] <munchausen> ssieb I forgot, the other thing that I did was use a scalpel to reveal more of the traces to give me longer traces to work with
[19:17] <munchausen> I was fortunate that that was possible in my case
[23:02] <ssieb> munchausen: ok, thank you

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