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[03:17] <munchausen> mozzwald the lcd is available https://www.aliexpress.com/item/FREE-shipping-new-2-8-TD028TTEC1-LCD-screen-display-touch-screen-digitizer/987934884.html
[03:18] <munchausen> (The less expensive of the two sellers)
[03:18] <munchausen> They have made it available to buy again and just messaged me saying they are back from holiday and will send it ASAP
[03:18] <munchausen> Looks like I now will have two on the way, as I also bought from the other seller
[11:31] <mozzwald> deeice_: thx. zipit seems to be missing tput which is needed for it to work
[11:31] <mozzwald> munchausen: sweet. I'll add it to my cart :-)
[11:48] <mozzwald> i have some of the alps smd switches coming today. got em to make replacement atari joystick pcb. will also test one on zipit to see how soft they are
[11:50] <mozzwald> buZz: looks pretty :-) make one for dock connector then you dont need the pwr adapter
[12:15] <deeice_> mozzwald: I replaced tput with some code that works on the zipit https://pastebin.com/GQcEYRWU but it needs more work for multiselect.
[16:05] <buZz> mozzwald: yes will do! as soon as i find it again :D
[16:43] <munchausen> mozzwald awesome about the alps. I wasn't sure so didn't buy, but if they're good, I will get them
[16:44] <munchausen> I've caught the horrible cold the rest of the family had, so been sleeping in my evenings instead of zipiting
[18:34] <dTal> sounds you've been spending too much time with your family, and not enough with Zipits
[18:37] <buZz> thusfar i got zero illness from my zipits
[18:54] <mozzwald> munchausen: https://youtu.be/I1l0uwX9pu0
[18:54] <mozzwald> the domes should work
[19:33] <munchausen> mozzwald nice! will order some and quieten my zipit
[19:35] <munchausen> dTal, buZz lol

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