FujiApple Rev 0 Development Board for Apple II


The first official FujiNet development board for the Apple II.

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This is the first official FujiNet development board for the Apple II. It is not a finished product for the average end user. The FujiApple Rev0 is intended for those who wish experiment with their own applications or aid in FujiNet development. Firmware for the FujiApple is changing at a rapid pace and we are not releasing regular firmware builds for the easy flash tool yet. You will need to build the latest firmware from our codebase (instructions available on the wiki). We have released the design files in our Github hardware repo for those who wish to build their own board.

The FujiApple currently only works on the SmartPort bus which is builtin to the IIc and newer Apple II machines. You can use it on the older Apple II machines by installing a DIYSmartPort ROM Card. More information is available in the Apple II FujiNet Quickstart Guide. There are issues using the FujiApple with IIgs ROM3 systems and we are currently working to figure them out so it should be considered unstable for these machines.

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