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Atari 400 8-Bit SIO2Zipit

Back in the 80’s, my first computer was an Atari 8 Bit. I used it a lot until we got our Austin Computer Systems 386 PC. The Atari taught me a little BASIC and a lot of game play. I still have our original Atari 400 which I pull out on occasion to play some cartridge games but I don’t have a very large collection of them. A couple friends last year started a retro gaming event at a local pizza/pub, Peoria Pizza Works, which I also took part in. The Atari 400 was a nice addition to the lineup of vintage systems and the only Atari 8 Bit Home Computer. This year I wanted to have more games available so I did some research and got a Zipit Z2 to emulate a floppy drive over the Atari SIO bus.


Posted by on Wed, 18 Jan 2017
tags: atari, a8b, 8bit, retro gaming.