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[00:13] <greguu> interesting target but hard to get some facts. shame sharp did not pursue their office linux pathway they had with the zaurus and last with the netwalker
[00:14] <greguu> there seem to be some quite new Sharp Brain devices (translators)
[00:16] <greguu> http://www.denshi-jisho.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/1600x/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/s/h/sharp-brain-pw-sh4-r-japanese-english-electronic-dictionary.jpg
[00:54] <munchausen> greguu that one is cute. I wonder if it has an sh4 processor, or its just a coincidence
[00:55] <munchausen> Would be strange for a new device
[01:03] <greguu> coolty: how did you end up getting it? the doom port is on windows ce ?
[03:08] <greguu> munchausen: I doubt its a sh4... hard to get tech sheets on these.. or maybe I look not hard enough
[03:09] <greguu> japanese have this thing about handheld devices with a keyboard..
[03:09] <greguu> the gemini also sold pretty well in japan..
[03:31] <munchausen> Yeah... they stillhave flip phones with android!
[03:31] <munchausen> flip phones are also really popular
[03:32] <munchausen> But they are huge! And I'd want a half qwerty at least (like nokia e55)... standard alphanumeric with T9 is not the best
[08:33] <coolty> greguu, i picked it up when I was in Japan, at a store called "hard off"
[08:33] <coolty> the doom port is for windows ce, yes
[08:34] <coolty> the extra screen is the handwriting area, you're meant to write kanji characters on it
[08:45] <coolty> also i think this one is cuter :P http://www.denshi-jisho.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/1600x/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/S/H/SHARP-Brain-PW-AJ1-G-Japanese-English-Electronic-Dictionary.jpg
[09:06] <Bongmaster> stop making me want one D:
[09:11] <coolty> lol
[09:12] <coolty> they have no wifi so i'm not sure why you would want one
[09:12] <coolty> it would be purely a PDA type device
[09:12] <Bongmaster> ah well, changed my mind XD
[09:13] <Bongmaster> summin like that with wifi would be kool tho
[09:19] <coolty> yeah

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