Zipit Z3

Zipit Z3 (Zipit Now) Messenger


The Zipit Now (aka Z3 Messenger) is Zipit Wireless’ first cellular phone that utilizes their critical messaging system. It is intended for use in in the medical, hospitality and government fields.

General Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: Analog Devices BlackFin ADSP-BF524BBCZ-4A 400MHz, 208 Ball BGA (digikey)
  • RAM: Hynix H55S51620FR 60M
  • NAND: STMicro/Micron NAND01GW3B2CN6 (digikey)
  • LCD: COG-T240KE03-01 2.4” 240×320 rotated, Varitronix VL-PS-COG-T240MBQS-06 (similar/same? LCD datasheet)
  • Modem: Sierra Wireless MC5728V mPCIe
  • Mini PCIe Socket: Molex 48338-0065 (digikey)
  • Wifi: “MR10-EXT2-457” module (uses Marvell SPI 8686 chipset, driver/firmware by embwise)
  • Power Mgmt: AS3606
  • Battery: Model ZWP1-1200LI (3.7V 1280mAh 4.7Wh)
  • Sound: Wolfson Micro WM8990E
  • QWERTY Keypad: ADP5588 Controller (Analog Devices)